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  All Vessels are Unique in Design and Execution
  Contemporary Art Pottery Collector's Association Journal article "Paul J. Katrich".
  American Bungalow article about Paul J. Katrich.
  Art & Antiques: Collector's Sourcebook article about Paul J. Katrich.
  The Everson Museum of Art presentation for Katrich vessel "Midwestern Summer".
  Antiques Roadshow Insider article about the unsung heroes of pottery, including Paul J. Katrich.
  Style: 1900 articles by and about Paul J. Katrich.
  Book with pottery by Paul J. Katrich.
  American Art Pottery Association interview with Paul J. Katrich.
  Press Release from May, 2004, for the Solo Exhibition in New York City.
  Solo Exhibition in New York City, May, 2004.

Katrich Studios Trademark.Paul J. Katrich

Positively Unique and Rather Extraordinary
Luster Pottery

(for Unique and Extraordinary People)

Style: 1900 Magazine Articles
and Mentions of Paul J. Katrich


Marketplace of Gifts

November, 2002


Paul J. Katrich:
Master of Lustre

February, 2003

Style:1900 article, Paul Katrich: Master Of Luster

This article was written by Marilyn Fish, former Editor of Style: 1900 magazine. The following biography was from the magazine's website:
"Marilyn Fish is the author of The New Craftsman Index, Gustav Stickley: The Early Years, and Gustav Stickley: 1880-1900. Members of the Stickley family have declared her work the most accurate sources on their famous ancestor. A long-time contributor to Style: 1900 (formerly the Arts and Crafts Quarterly), Fish also writes for Art and Auction and has contributed to a number of museum exhibition catalogues for the Museum of Decorative Art of Montreal. She has also served as the director of the guide program at the Shelburne Museum in Shelburne, Vermont and as the historian on several National Register nominations."


The Talented Mr. Katrich

August, 2006

Style:1900 article, Talented Mr. Katrich, August, 2006


The French Connection

by Jason Jacques

November, 2007 ("Winter" issue).

Click on a page for a larger image.

Edited for references to Paul J. Katrich.

Style:1900 article, The French Connection - Edited, November, 2007

Style:1900 article, The French Connection, November, 2007

Style:1900 article, The French Connection, November, 2007

Click here for the website of the writer,
and Art Nouveau gallerist, Jason Jacques


Hidden Lights:
Four Unsung Potters and
Their Glorius Glazes

by Paul J. Katrich

A history and valuation of pottery by
Theophilus Brouwer,
Mary Louise McLaughlin,
Herman Markham and
Hugh Cornwall Robertson.

Spring, 2011, issue.

Click on a page for a larger image.

Style:1900 article, Hidden Lights, Spring, 2011, page 62

Style:1900 article, Hidden Lights, Spring, 2011, page 63

Style:1900 article, Hidden Lights, Spring, 2011, page 64

Style:1900 article, Hidden Lights, Spring, 2011, page 65

Style:1900 article, Hidden Lights, Spring, 2011, page 66

Style:1900 article, Hidden Lights, Spring, 2011, page 67


Internet Archive and History

We have kept this Internet archive since
the earliest existence of the vessels.
Believing Katrich Pottery to have permanent
value and historical resonance, we have
expended substantial resources, both material
and intellectual, to maintain this record.
In so much as possible, it is absolutely complete.

This documentation virtually assures the
authenticity and integrity of all Katrich vessels,
however far they may travel. Our collectors will
always enjoy total access to the true story of
their cherished pottery.

To our knowledge, no other studio pottery,
vintage or modern, can claim so sober and
comprehensive an account of unique work.
In the realm of ceramics, nothing comparable
has been attempted or so long preserved.

We welcome visitation from collectors, students,
scholars and pottery enthusiasts of every stripe.
Katrich Studios, Inc., is the ultimate authority
for the works of Paul J. Katrich.
We hope that you enjoy our efforts.

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Design and Lecture Services

Paul J. Katrich is a modern traditionalist.
He is also a degreed Art Historian
and frequent guest lecturer in the
fine and decorative arts.

An accomplished sculptor and artist in many media,
he offers a variety of professional design services.
Mr. Katrich serves as Secretary on the Board of the
American Art Pottery Association.

"I am always delighted to speak to
you regarding your needs and interests.
I am pleased to discuss gallery and museum shows,
charitable events, commissions, lectures or
special purchases. You may expect a prompt
and polite response."
- Paul J. Katrich

Your questions and comments
are gratefully received,
by sending e-mail to
or by phoning

To see a larger photograph,
please click on an image.

Fine Art Pottery

The contemporary pottery of Paul J. Katrich
consists of fine, hand-thrown ceramic vessels,
fired with rare colors and treatments,
including in-glaze iridescent lusters.

Each piece is utterly unique
in design and execution:
no repetition is possible.

Flawed or inferior examples are
destroyed: no second-quality Katrich
pottery is ever permitted to enter
the marketplace.

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The Pottery Marks
of Paul J. Katrich

From 1997-2005
his Registered Trademark
(a Grecian Sphinx)
was glazed and fired
onto the bottom
of the vessels.

[ Trademark fired onto bottom of 2 vessels ]

Beginning in 2006
his "KATRICH" name was included
below his Registered Trademark
(a Grecian Sphinx), and then
glazed and fired together
onto the bottom of the vessels.

[ Trademark of Paul J. Katrich ]


[Registered Trademark of Paul J. Katrich] The Katrich Mark

A Personal Description by the Artist

"A Grecian Sphinx appears on all authentic ceramic works of Paul J. Katrich. The Sphinx is a symbol shrouded in myth and antiquity; revered in many cultures.

"I adopted this signature to demonstrate respect for the artists of the ancient East, whose pottery is a constant source of wonder. For me, the Sphinx is a guardian of arcane knowledge and many mysteries.

"By tradition, the vessel held in her paws denotes life and special insight.

"She has faithfully served Katrich Studios, as a companion and good-luck token, for many years. May she do as much for the possessor."

Paul J. Katrich


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